Hi, I'm Nathaniel Read, a 🎓 final-year Computer Science student at
the University of Hull with an interest in full-stack software development_

Since starting at the University of Hull, I've worked on various projects ranging from tracking lecture engagement through facial recognition to making an IoT Tardis.

Alongside my studies; I've worked in agile teams as a software tester for the University, a front-end developer and am currently a full-stack software engineer. I've got experience with React, C#, C++, Swift, Python and more, learn more in my resume.

Hackathons are great, and I've participated in a few, including winning JISC's DigiFest with a smart-campus app and NASA's Space Apps with an interactive rocket-launch tracker.

I like to blog, my most recent post is: 'Let's make smart receipts'. In my role of president of #hullCSS, the Computer Science Society at the University of Hull, I'm working to improve student experience both inside and outside of the course. Outside of tech, I'm a big fan of hiking, archery and 🐶 walking.

I'm always interested to hear about cool projects; if you're working on something, feel free to reach out. You can also find me on Twitter, GitHub and LinkedIn.

Nathaniel Read - Undergraduate Computer Scientist