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Making an RSS Feed for CSBlogs

What is CSBlogs is a really useful Node.js web application serving the Computer Science blogging community, built for and maintained by Computer Scientists and designed to let people to share their blogs with each other and encourage sharing projects and cool tech stuff within the community and beyond.

What have you made and why?

CSBlogs Site

I’ve wrote an application that parses the JSON feed that’s provided by their API and converts it to an RSS feed, I chose Node.JS to build on as I needed a flexible web based platform that’s lighter than something I could write in C# MVC, I wanted to keep on top of my JavaScript too and this gave me an opportunity.

It’s a work in progress, and I intend to add features like caching to it, it’s low traffic only being fetched by Zapier for the #hullCSS Discord and Feedly at the moment so it isn’t as necessary but as a long term strategy it’s certainly something I’m looking to implement.

How did you make it and where is it?

Good question! You can find out more about the creation of the project on it’s project page here:

CSBlogs Feed on Projects Page

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