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Home is not the enterprise

Recently when I set up my UniFi UAP access points, I exchanged my old WPA2-Personal network for WPA2-Enterprise thinking that it would be simpler for my family and more secure.

However, I quickly hit some unfortunate snags that have led me to revert the network back to WPA2-Personal; firstly how lacking consumer devices are was my main issue with devices like Chromecasts and game consoles not supporting the standard, but that was fine as I could just set up another SSID for these devices with a long and random password.

However when I configured the RADIUS server on my Synology NAS to be used for it and moved everybody across we hit the issue that the authentication would hang for roughly 30 seconds every time the device roamed or left and returned to the house.

I couldn’t find a better LDAP/RADIUS server that works on Linux with a good web interface (if you know one please let me know). However I’d rather not spin up and have the overhead of a VM of Windows with Active Directory. I have learnt that although a technology may be easy to implement and work for myself, I have to design the best system for all of the users which is near enough zero-management and works relatively well unattended.