Hello, again | Nathaniel Read

Hello, again

It’s been a while, 88 days to be exact (that’s scary).

A lot has changed; namely the fact I’m now living across the country, after a stressful few August weeks I’m now studying Computer Science at the University of Hull, in the UK’s City of Culture 2017. It’s been a big move, and pretty weird to be honest, but exciting to discover somewhere new.

Driver Diagram

The course is pretty interesting, in semester one we’re studying Computer Systems (essentially how computers work), Quantitative Methods for Computing (Maths around computing) and Programming 1 (basic programming in C#). Everything is just happening so fast on the course at the moment though; as every day blurs together and I’ve completed almost 40% of some of my modules already through assessments, scary!

I dived right in with WelcomeFest at Hull and had some pretty cool opportunities including seeing Scouting for Girls, the historic side of Hull and getting videoed writhing in a giant tube (0.30). Registration was a bit of an odd experience, with three identical lectures that didn’t really say much, and it took over a week to get my ID card so I could get in places, but after that it was more interesting!

Rabbits everywhere

I’ve also tried to take part in as many things beyond the course as I could, like meeting with the BCS on my second week for an informal review, joining BCS, becoming a Course Rep, going to two talks on power stations (one of which was accidental) and becoming one of the founding members of our new BCS Student Chapter/Computer Science Society.

I’ve also got my first software development related job, becoming a Student Tester for Hull University on their new student information system, which I’m very excited for.

There are some more blog posts planned for here soon, but at the moment I’m always busy with something to do. I’m excited for what I’ve got to come.

We also have loads of rabbits around our accommodation, which is nice (see right) – we also have 2 cats, 3 squirrels and a fox, it’s like a (slightly underwhelming) nature reserve.

  University of Hull branding property of the University. History trail tour image from HUU