Is AI a threat to mankind? | Nathaniel Read

Is AI a threat to mankind?

Yesterday, I visited the University of Liverpool University (Heseltine Institute) Policy Provocations seminar on Artificial Intelligence to aid my extended, currently with the working title ‘Artificial Intelligence: Friend or Foe?’.

I found out about the seminar and decided it would be a great way to widen my knowledge of the area, and to get some further opinions on the technology’s ethics. It was chaired by Dr Roger Phillips (BBC Merseyside) and the panellists were Professor Simon Maskell (Liverpool engineering/computer science), Joanna Bryson (Bath University Natural Intelligence) and Sir Robin Saxby (ARM holdings).

They debated whether they were excited or scared by the future of AI, talking about logical and emotional intelligence, can they solve prejudices and do we trust the machines themselves, are the risks actually covered (why does society mistrust).

I got some great notes and it was a really interesting evening!

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